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A Busy Beginning


As creators of leading-edge mobile fitness apps, we thrive on challenges which are part of our DNA. They infuse our work with vigor, push our boundaries, and fuel our quest for innovation. We’re passionate about helping you stay fit and healthy, even amidst your hectic schedules. 

We’ve boldly stepped into the new year, and the past several weeks have been a flurry of activity for us. We’ve been diligently working on a number of new projects, each promising to bring fresh, innovative solutions. See for yourself!

Face Yoga

We are thrilled to introduce a new endeavor that reflects our commitment to holistic health and wellness: Face Yoga. This innovative concept is a fresh addition to our portfolio, enhancing your self-care routine. It’s an exciting new frontier for our team, and we can’t wait to showcase the fruits of our labor. We believe that the results will ignite a new phase in your self-care journey, one that harmoniously intertwines physical fitness with mindfulness and relaxation.




SheStrong App

January was filled with diligent productivity as we collaborated with the inspiring and vibrant Denice Moberg. Her strength and contagious smile fueled our drive. Together, we’ve recorded hundreds of exercises! We’re excited to announce that pre-sale access for this app is now available, marking another milestone in our quest to revolutionize the world of fitness and wellness. Find out more information here:




New recipes

We’re constantly laboring behind the scenes, developing new recipes for our mobile fitness apps that will feature in our meal plans and cookbooks. We keep abreast of the latest trends in nutrition and closely monitor scientific reports to offer our users ready, tried-and-tested solutions. Stay tuned with us for even more exciting culinary inspirations that will complement your fitness journey!





Written by Daria Nowak